How to Find an Account on Instagram by Phone Number in 2023: Proven Methods

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Do you want to reconnect with an old friend or validate a person’s identity or find someone on instagram or Instagram but only have their phone number? Don’t go anywhere we will help you to How to Find Account on Instagram by phone Number .

This blog post will teach various ways of finding someone’s account using their contact information in the year 2023. Dig into this tutorial and discover how to quickly locate accounts just by knowing what device they use – i.e., Instgram via a telephone number!

Utilizing the Instagram App

If you want to locate an Instagram account by phone number, the most basic way is using the in-app feature of the app. It needs that individual’s contact info to be connected with their social media profile. If it’s linked instagram profile already then just use Discover People tool and find out what accounts belong to them, such as this one from Instagram too.

For a higher chance of finding someone on Instagram via digits, only save their contact details in your contacts list, so that when synchronized with facebook friend list in the application, you will have access to people searching options like never before!

Saving Phone Contacts

To locate someone’s Instagram account using the Discover People feature of the app, you must first add their phone number to your contacts. Once that is done, sync it with Instagram by going to your profile page and tapping on three lines in the top right corner then selecting “Discover People”.

Activate “Connect Contacts” so as to link up your contact list with Instagram, which will help you see accounts associated with those phone numbers saved in your address book.

Discover People Feature

The Discover People function on Instagram can be a powerful asset in helping you find someone’s account by their telephone number.

This tool provides recommendations of profiles to follow based on connections like common pals or interests when your phone contacts are matched with the Instagram app. In order to access this feature, go to either the Explore page or profile settings within Instagram.

You may quickly track down that particular person’s instagram account using just their contact info but it is important to keep in mind that if there’s no link between an individual’s phone and IG accounts then it might not work out as expected!

Alternative Search Tools

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t find the Instagram account you are looking for through the native Instagram app people search tool. Third party tools offer extensive searches that may help locate this person by their phone number, providing more efficient results than other conventional methods of searching.

One such example is Intelius. It uses a search engine to access and generate reports on social media profiles – including Instagram – when given an associated phone number. Similarly, TruthFinder also creates comprehensive accounts with all details required to track down someone’s username on Instgram using public information from its database as clues in order to facilitate finding desired people’s accounts more efficiently online.

An additional reliable option found available is BeenVerified, which provides reverse-phone service helping users find instagram accounts connect any specific mobile numbers they have received or looked up with related individuals.

Instagram page posts via their website after entering said personal contact info data into system interface while generating inquiries and corresponding answers too in regards to the same matter per particular individual respectively otherwise involved at hand thus making entire ordeal process itself quite much smoother altogether likewise Almost effortless experience straight away overall so forth thereby etcetera as well eon.


Intelius is a powerful tool that enables you to discover Instagram accounts through searching by phone number. To utilise this service, go on their website and choose the ‘Phone’ search option. Type in your telephone number then prove your age before receiving a report including the person’s social media accounts and profiles, such as those for Instagram.

Not only can Intelius assist users with finding an account linked to their mobile number, but they also provide details about them which could be beneficial when confirming someone’s identity – like addresses, locations, etc.


With TruthFinder, you can quickly uncover Instagram and other social media accounts linked to a specific phone number. All one needs to do is visit their website and type in the digits of interest – after hitting ‘search’, an extensive report will be generated almost immediately which provides all associated Instagram profiles along with any other social media account such as Twitter or Facebook belonging to that person.

The full range of information makes it simpler than ever before when attempting to locate someone’s identity across various platforms.


BeenVerified provides a comprehensive search tool to locate and authenticate people online, that can be used with just their phone number. This reverse phone directory service produces reports including the associated data like age, address details, contact info, criminal background check and even profile photos of any Instagram account related to it.

Not only for this platform, but also other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Pinterest are some of its features.

BeenVerified not only searches an instagram account linked with one’s mobile device, but presents accurate results that make verifying someone’s identity possible in minutes after simply entering the telephone number on their website webpage then clicking ‘search’ search instagram name.

Finding Instagram Accounts through Other Methods

If the above solutions prove to be unhelpful or if one lacks access to a phone number, there is still potential for finding someone’s Instagram account. Although this process will take more time and effort than just having the person’s contact information, these methods can work effectively in locating desired social media accounts too.

Two common ways of searching find someone’s instagram name are by reverse image search and through mutual friends/connections on Instagram, even without a related phone number. Consequently, using these strategies should produce successful outcomes when looking for an individual’s profile on social media platform known as Instagram!

Reverse Image Search

In order to find an Instagram account without needing a phone number, you can use the search feature of reverse image searching. By using either Instagram’s own image-finding tool or Google Image Search, upload a photo and see what similar results appear – it may lead directly to that person’s profile on the app.

It is important to consider whether this method will be successful as its success relies heavily on how often the desired picture has been shared online in relation to their personal profile icon IG account.

Mutual Friends and Connections

One approach to identify Instagram accounts without a phone number is by exploring mutual friends and connections. Using the followers list of related contacts to find instagram account, it may be possible to find out if any of these profiles match with the user you are searching for. By doing so, they can access their profile page and check that this person is indeed who they’re looking for.

To view a shared network between yourself and an individual account, go into their personal profile then click “Friends” tab. From there you will see other individuals connected in some way with them as well as yours. With careful examination all the instagram accounts on such friendslist, verify whether someone among them has a similar activity or biography like what your search target possesses. Granting full access through using the dedicated Search Bar shall have those questions answered successfully.

Privacy Considerations

When seeking to discover Instagram accounts by using a person’s phone number, it is essential that their privacy be taken into account. If this data was mishandled and utilized without the user granting permission beforehand, there could be serious ethical issues arising from such an action. It is important for you to consider both legal ramifications as well as obtaining consent when performing any searches of this nature.

This article has laid out various options which can aid in locating associated Instagram profiles with said telephone numbers. It cannot be stressed enough how integral responsible behavior is while doing so — respect individual privacy at all times!


With all the search tools available, such as Instagram’s app and other third-party services like Intelius, TruthFinder or BeenVerified, it is possible to track down an Instagram account with a phone number in 2023. Using various methods will increase your odds of success, but also remember that any information gathered must be used responsibly, get permission first before accessing personal data and understand the legal implications of these actions. Once found reconnecting old friends can occur while verifying someone’s identity & preserving trust online too.

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